Mainframe Division: Docs Console Management

SPI/DOCS is a VSE console management system which includes features to assist in automating data center operations. SPI/DOCS enables users running multiple VSE guests under VM to consolidate console management in a single system image. This powerful feature gives access to all VSE guest machines and to CP from a single console.


  • Co-exist With the Native Console Functions: DOCS operates in conjunction with the native console support provided in VSE/ESA. This includes the use of the normal VSE hardcopy file.
  • Console Automation: DOCS lets you establish automatic replies to anticipated messages. This reduces human errors since the operator responds to fewer messages.
  • Multiple Console Support: You may use local, remote, pseudo-remote, and VM terminals as a DOCS console. This includes BTAM and VTAM terminals as well as those using the DIAL command or DOCSCMS commands from VM.
  • Sharing Consoles: DOCS "Device on Loan" feature allows greater flexibility because consoles can be switched back and forth between application programs and DOCS.
  • Status Reporting: The DOCS Dynamic System Status Display always shows the status of each partition or the logical reader/writer tasks. Additionally, DOCS provides commands to display the console status and use at any time.
  • Security: The use of console exclusion lets individual consoles be used for specific purposes. Also, the password controls provided in user and system profiles adds extra levels of control.
  • Display System General Information: The DOCS VTOC facility allows the console user to display information relating to the system DASD devices. The LABEL function displays information on labels used by all or a specific partition.
  • Job Management Aid: The use of "PAUSE on ABEND", End of Job Logging. and the automatic PGO facilities give you greater job information and control.
  • PF Keys: DOCS allows the individual user to assign PF key functions. additionally, the "hot key" facility lets you move between DOCS and applications easily.
  • Spool Queue Facility: Using the Spool Queue Facility, the user has access to all, selected or individual spool files.


  • VSE
  • MVT
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