Mainframe : Procedure Language Facility

PLF is a Procedure Language Facility for VSE that allows JCL to be written in a procedural manner using variables and conditional statements.

Now that VSE has whetted your appetite...

VSE has implemented some elementary conditional JCL statements with some variable substitution, If you find these limited capabilities useful, imagine what you can do with a complete procedure system without restrictions and far greater capability. A comprehensive set of system variable symbols and the ability to set default values from a nested procedure simplify procedure coding and expand the application for procedures.


  • Simplify system control with intelligent JCL PLF lets your consolidate many different JCL decks into a single procedure. Each procedure can in turn be nested within other procedures and all can be driven by positional and keyword operands specified when the procedure is called, Conditional statements within the procedure can customize the statements that are passed to job control and to your programs. Local and global variable symbols, arithmetic expressions and looping make the customization task simple and efficient.
  • Avoid operator intervention With all your JCL cataloged into procedures, an operator can easily initiate a job from the console. The job can be customized automatically by control statements within the procedure and data statements can be inserted into their proper position. Jobs can be set up to restart themselves automatically in the event of an ABEND or system crash; an especially handy feature when running online systems unattended.
  • Proven reliability PLF is used by hundreds of organizations to simplify their operations. We encourage you to talk to our customers to learn how they improved the reliability of their data centers with PLF.
  • Automate your run book Instructions which would normally appear in a operations run book can easily be programmed directly into a procedure. If a job needs special information from the operator, it can as the operator directly and edit the response. If a job needs to be restarted at a particular step, PLF allows you to automatically run any prerequisite steps. If the distribution requirements change on Tuesdays, PLF can change your JCL automatically. If a program is run only on the first day of the month, PLF can detect this condition and run the program automatically.
  • Reduce operator training When your run books are programmed directly into your JCL, training a new operator is greatly simplified. The operator can rely on the system to help determine what jobs need to be run and PLF can assist when special circumstances crop up.
  • Recover quickly When an unexpected system crash occurs or a program cancels with a tape I/O error, recovery can be complicated and cumbersome without PLF. With PLF you can simply run the same procedure originally used, but supply a restart operand to indicate your desire to recover. Within the procedure you can determine what prerequisite steps should be run and inform the operator of the necessary action. There is no time lost trying to find the latest instructions on how to recover. Nobody needs to get a late night call. The interrupted job cam be resumed in a minimum amount of time.


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