Mainframe Support : DOCS Release 7.2 PTFs

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Last Updated: Wednesday, 5 Sep 2018
GA72232 **Revoked**
GA72235 **Revoked**
GA72236 Correct errors in ?A and ?P command displays.
GA72237 ?C may cause DOCSCMS or DOCSVTAM session to abend.
GA72238 DOCS Abends if DOCSCMS on 3192 or 3290 NOCOLOR TERMINAL
GA72239 PRG402 on DOCS Terminal displaying output from PING.
GA72240 Console flooded with DOC369 message for READHCF RC=1C.
GA72241 Support DOCS on VSE/ESA 2.7
GA72242 **Revoked**
GA72243 Recognize Power - Versions 6.5, 6.6 and 6.7
GA72244 DOCS terminal hangs on $L if VTAM in dynamic partition.
GA72245 Provide support for VSE/ESA 2.7
GA72246 Cannot reply to read after IDUMP.
GA72247 Let ENTER key refresh ?a display and update interval.
GA72248 DOCS may cause an IBM 0D39E DATA LOGGING FAILURE error.
GA72249 PUBX entry corrupted when VTAM terminalloaned/returned.
GA72250 CP commands not processed on Z/VM 3.1.0
GA72251 Update DOCS to recognize POWER on z/VSE 3.1
GA72252 Change $R command to $Y command
GA72253 DOCSLS72 module abends if called by a user program.
GA72254 Allow DOCS to process VSE/ESA and z/VSE dumps.
GA72255 FFF Hardwait after DOCS loaned terminal is returned.
GA72256 DOCSUTIL Include/Exclude only finds uppercase data.
GA72257 FFF Hardwait monitoring SVC 112
GA72258 Supress CORCMD if DOCS terminal is suspended.
GA72259 Correct DOCS to activate on z/VM 5.2
GA72260 FFF hardwait during SVC processing by DOCS.
GA72261 Update DOCS to recognize POWER on z/VSE 4.1
GA72262 Use 4K page size if z/VSE or VSE/ESA system
GA72263 Add OSAX device support to ?u command.
GA72264 Update to support z/VSE 4.2
GA72265 Correct ?A step time display
GA72266 Ignore any CCB that is above the line.
GA72268 Update to allow DOCS to run on z/VSE5.1
GA72269 Return non-DOCS SVC 48 calls as unhandled.
GA72270 Update to load on z/VSE 6.1