Mainframe Support : MVT/VSE Release 9.5 PTFs

PTFs are displayed as text data for ease of reading, printing and selection.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 Nov 2005
MA95341 Set S/A locate of syslog to ignore unit status of 85
MA95342 IDUMP-PLIST ADDR INVALID message for IDUMP request.
MA95343 System fails during or shortly after IPL.
MA95345 FFF Hardwait Program Check in $NLUAT
MA95346 Resolve MVTMETER aborting with ERROR RC=04
MA95347 Fullword at location 0000A0 not zero after IPL.
MA95348 BSIMOUNT cancelled with msg 0V03I - more than 255 PFIXes
MA95349 BIM-EPIC compatibility for FUNCT=CLRGRPL.