Mainframe Support: PLF Release 3.9 PTFs

PTFs are displayed as text data for ease of reading, printing and selection.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 5 Sep 2018
JA39013 **Revoked**
JA39014 SYSCPU and SYSID are incorrect with SPRI on VSE/ESA.
JA39015 **Revoked**
JA39016 Update PLF to recognize z/VSE 3.1
JA39017 FFB Hardwait with POWER and PLF STMTPOOL
JA39018 // PROC name.type rejected on z/VSE 3.1 - MSG PLF912D
JA39019 Change PLF to recognize z/VSE supervisor.
JA39020 **Revoked**
JA39021 Fix cancel processing when waiting for statement pool.
JA39022 Allow PLF to run z/VSE 4.3 systems running POWER
JA39023 Changes for LIBR errors
JA39024 Correct PLF initialization to detect z/VSE systems
JA39025 Correct to properly recognize z/VSE 5.1 and above
JA39026 Correct JA39011 for z/VSE 5.1