Mainframe Support : Qview Release 4.1 PTFs

PTFs are displayed as text data for ease of reading, printing and selection.

Last Updated: Thursday, 4 Sep 2008
QA41005 **Revoked**
QA41006 **Revoked**
QA41007 Ensure QVIEW expiration/un-licensed messages displayed.
QA41008 **Revoked**
QA41009 **Revoked**
QA41010 **Revoked**
QA41011 Correct REPORT= abbreviation to two characters RE=
QA41012 New source level for QVIEW 4.1
QA41013 **Revoked**
QA41014 New source level for Qview 4.1
QA41015 Correct command stack processing
QA41016 Change Q41PRINT ABEND to not call SENDTEXT.
QA41017 Always call Queue delete in TSQDELTE routine
QA41018 Call TSQDELTE on entry to QView.
QA41019 Corrections for SEQ/JOB numbers larger than 32K.
QA41020 Correctioins for JOB/SEQ numbers larger than 32K
QA41021 Maintain desired start page/line during VIEW processing
QA41022 Correct positioning by PAGE.
QA41023 Prevent AICA abend during screen 1 processing.
QA41024 Allow Underscores on command line.