Mainframe Support: SPI Release 4.3 PTFs

PTFs are displayed as text data for ease of reading, printing and selection.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 25 Jan 2012
XA43007 **Revoked**
XA43013 **Revoked**
XA43015 Dummy APAR - SPI$ESAX re-assembly
XA43016 SPIEXIR only displays 6 digits of customer account
XA43017 Dummy APAR - SPICPUID re-assembly.
XA43018 Correct logic for error on initial call.
XA43019 SPICPUID - Correct SYSIB processor information display.
XA43020 Support the SPI Common Interface on z/VSE 3.1
XA43021 Dummy APAR - SPISNAP re-assembly.
XA43022 Dummy APAR - SPISYSIB assembly.
XA43023 Updates for z/VSE 5.1
XA43024 Changes for LIBR errors