Mainframe Support : SPRI Release 3.7 PTFs

PTFs are displayed as text data for ease of reading, printing and selection.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 Nov 2005
RA37160 Change to release Job Accouting file prior to tape close
RA37161 Implement blocked output to Solimar devices
RA37162 Change to post task running prior to RQE release
RA37163 **Revoked**
RA37164 Change RJE display routine to always display line status
RA37165 Change to not allow up of an External Device
RA37166 Bypass all QAC tracing
RA37167 Change to return separator pages in BROWSE mode
RA37168 Disable blank truncation for Separator print lines
RA37169 Release in memory FCB after successful load
RA37170 Restart SPRI task after cancel request for tape
RA37171 Correct build open line processing
RA37172 Correct PALTER UINF= to modify boty NJHPUSER/NDHPUSER
RA37173 Correct to allocate the proper length RPSNSCAN block
RA37174 **Revoked**
RA37175 Correct Restart with SCAN= processing
RA37176 Correct reader exit cancel processing
RA37177 **Revoked**
RA37178 Correct RA37163 to not allow repositioning during SETPRT
RA37179 Change SYSTCPIP XPCC PDISPLAY behavior
RA37180 Correct SPRISUB trace when running in private
RA37181 **Revoked**
RA37182 Change to display all lines when DLINES=0 is set.
RA37183 Change to clear RERECWRK pointer after freeing memory
RA37184 Change to ignore JA records larger than JA blksize
RA37185 Diagnostic APAR for CA EZIQ problem
RA37186 Correct SPRIMSGC to bypass message blks without LOCN
RA37187 Correct JOB/SEQ number processing
RA37188 Correct setting of SPLDFVSE flag in PWRSPL
RA37189 RDR exit processing corrections
RA37190 Corrections to Seq#/Job# processing
RA37191 Correct printer routines for Solimar devices
RA37192 Correct dynamic partition processing
RA37193 Command Reject during SPRISUB submit causes abends
RA37194 Correct ROUTE code alter processing
RA37195 Change to properly set record type for element
RA37196 Cause SPRI to abend if there is a SPRI memory error
RA37197 Do not allocate partition CBs for statics if not defined
RA37198 Change to not write directory if delay bit set
RA37199 Correct continuation work are release in SPRIJELR
RA37200 Change behavior of UCS=, on RPT statement
RA37201 Change to reject AR commands passed from FAQS.
RA37202 Fixed Format Pdisplay will return DISP=* for create state