Mainframe Support : SPRI Release 3.8 PTFs

PTFs are displayed as text data for ease of reading, printing and selection.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 5 Sep 2018
RA38009 Correct loop displaying REGNDEF on MVT systems
RA38010 Correct processing of records being truncated
RA38011 SPRI support for VSE/ESA 2.6
RA38012 Correct Dynamic Partition procesing on ESA 2.6
RA38013 Implement RA37167 and RA37168 in release 3.8
RA38014 Correct ADD= processing of ALTER command
RA38015 Change processing of LST/PCH JECL with omitted LST=/PCH=
RA38016 Correct SPRIPRNT processing for FIXBLK tapes
RA38017 New source base level for SPRI 3.8
RA38018 Correct possible abend in SPRIQACB.
RA38019 Correct CRT printer processing
RA38020 Correct task term to delete the proper RQE
RA38021 New source level for SPRI 3.8
RA38022 Correct printer routines for Solimar devices
RA38023 Reader exit processing corrections
RA38024 SPRI 3.8 version of RA37188
RA38025 Correct Job Accounting processing.
RA38026 Correct SPIRMSGC to bypass blocks for missing LOCNs
RA38027 Correct JOB/SEQ number processing
RA38028 **Revoked**
RA38029 Corrections to Seq#/Job# processing
RA38030 SPPLIST copied into low core when using POWER JECL
RA38031 Correct SPRISUB submit error when command reject
RA38032 **Revoked**
RA38033 SPRI 3.8 Version of RA37195
RA38034 Change to not allocate static CB without REGNDEF
RA38035 Correct ROUTE code ALTER processing
RA38036 Do not write directory during SETPRT if delay requested
RA38037 **Revoked**
RA38038 Correct dynamic partition processing. Correct RA38032
RA38039 Change behavior when specifying UCS=,
RA38040 Correctly release memory in SPRIJELR
RA38041 **Revoked**
RA38042 **Revoked**
RA38043 Updates for SPRISUB, Security, etc.
RA38044 Correct XPCC output routines to set length field
RA38045 **Revoked**
RA38046 Correct build open line to clear entire REL= field
RA38047 Abend at SPRILFCB+EE when FCB is not found
RA38048 Corrects spcification exception on SPRISUB VB Submit
RA38049 Correct Invalid SPRI Request error for SPRISUB apps.
RA38050 Correct to force page boundries for building real pool
RA38051 **Revoked**
RA38052 Save Callers R8 in SPRISOCK during SENDs and RECVs
RA38053 Turn of #LOCVM for SPRISUB TCP/IP message locations
RA38054 Fix possible page fault in SPRISHAR
RA38055 Fill in PJBJOBUS
RA38056 Correct reader nesting routine when processing SLI book
RA38057 Change to reject any AR command passed by FAQS
RA38058 Correct CI Used processing.
RA38059 Change to accept RBM=0 on JECL statements
RA38060 **Revoked**
RA38061 Correct TCP/IP SPRISUB processing
RA38062 **Revoked**
RA38063 Enable SPRI ALTER to update UINF=
RA38064 Stop returning imm commands when not requested with XPCC
RA38065 Corrections to SPRI activation.
RA38066 Correct Printer start processing if started by XPCC
RA38067 Correct XPCC Get maximum record length to 32767 or less
RA38068 Change $SPL$RDR to comment if in error
RA38069 **Revoked**
RA38071 Enforces using SPRI UTSKTBL for Printer tasks
RA38072 Corrections to handle more than 10 Dyanmic Partions
RA38073 Correct SPRIMOVE to restore proper SELD.
RA38074 Coorect SPRISUB locate processing
RA38075 Correct snap dump processing for SPRISUB traces
RA38076 Correct positioning of create state elements
RA38078 **Revoked**
RA38079 Stop returning partial last records for create state
RA38080 Change Job Accouting to bypass records larger than buffer
RA38081 Correct SPRIMOVE to maintin timer release values
RA38082 Not Purge timer release elements if routes satisfied.
RA38083 Change RELEASE=,TYPRUN= processing on JOB statement
RA38084 Change behavior of OPEN lines with RELEASE= processing
RA38085 Correct page counting for COPY/MOVE processing
RA38086 Correct page count when spooling SPRI compressed.
RA38087 **Revoked**
RA38089 Correct SPRIPRNT processing of POFFLOAD tapes
RA38090 Change to not set BATINIT flag in COMREG on ESA systems
RA38091 Change to release JOB numbers for non-Reader jobs at EOJ
RA38092 Correct DISPLAY C=LARGEST processing
RA38093 Correct data chaining processing.
RA38094 Correct relative priority for dynamic classes
RA38095 Allow PVary to enable and disable classes A, B, F, and R
RA38096 Correct PURGE=xxxx processing for JECL LST statements
RA38097 Drop SECHECK on SLI accesses.
RA38098 Correct possible deadlock when purging buffers.
RA38099 **Revoked**
RA38100 **Revoked**
RA38101 Change internal priority of XPCC tasks to 15
RA38102 **Revoked**
RA38103 Upate for z/VSE 4.3 for PUBX above line.
RA38104 Display FILTER= for printer types other than LPR.
RA38105 Correct calling of SPRIOEIF to release control blocks
RA38106 Corrections when using Output Exit.
RA38107 Update for z/VSE 5.1
RA38108 Correct SPRIBKUP to not satisify element on cancel
RA38109 Skip asking for next select statement using BACKUP
RA38110 Ignore VOLUME command not found on z/VSE5.1 and above
RA38111 Alloc PWRSPL version x
RA38112 Correct PURGE= on JECL LST statements
RA38114 Check for zero SEQ/JOB number
RA38115 Correct checking of record fitting in buffer