Mainframe : Qview

QVIEW, an option of the SPRI spooling system, is an online access facility that enables CICS and SHADOW users to use online terminals to view or alter reports in the SPRI queues, or print reports on terminal printers.


  • Interact with SPRI queues online: QVIEW lets users browse printer, punch, and reader elements from online terminals, allowing information to be checked for accuracy. Directory entries can be altered, purged, placed on hold, or released. Programmers can examine compiler output, eliminating unnecessary printing of listing and waiting for computer room turn-around.
  • Support for multiple teleprocessing monitors: QVIEW supports CICS releases 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6, and SHADOW release 3.1
  • Get immediate access to critical reports: Users no longer have to wait for time critical reports to be printed and distributed. They can view reports while they're still in the SPRI queue.
  • Print reports where your people are: QVIEW supports both locally and remotely attached online printers. Reports can be directed to local or remote CICS and SHADOW printers, and/or local impact or laser printers, ensuring more timely delivery of important information.
  • Control remote printers: QVIEW lets users display the status of their QVIEW controlled printers and issue commands to backspace, forward space, restart, or cancel reports that are printing.
  • Comprehensive report security: Using SPRI's extensive security system, QVIEW allows users to access only reports for which they are authorized. Without authorization, users are unable to view or alter other users' queue elements. Sites can, at their option, log all commands affecting queue elements, and SPRI's responses, to the console for audit trail purposes.
  • Designed for ease of use: QVIEW provides access to reports from a CMS-style filelist. Many QVIEW commands are identical to SPRI commands, simplifying operator and user training. Reports can be selected to QVIEW printers automatically at CICS or SHADOW initialization, or reports can be selected manually by the user.


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