SPRI Spooling System

The SPRI Report Distribution and Spooling System gives you the VSE output management solution. Combining reduced costs and time savings with improved quality and increased throughput, SPRI is the ideal solution for all your printing and report distribution needs.


  • Full VSE compatibility The SPRI system fully supports the VSE/SP and VSE/ESA operating systems. When operating under VSE/ESA, SPRI can function along side or as a replacement for POWER. Additionally, SPRI:
    • Delivers up to 60% faster spooler performance than POWER
    • Requires 50% less queue space than other spoolers
    • Lets you start printing before a report is complete (Early Print Start)
    • Supports NJE and RJE
    • Provides full integration with VM
    • Allows you to view reports on line
  • SNA/RJE support Software Pursuits has enhanced its SNA/RJE support for VSE in order to provide features not available with VSE/Power alone. Relief of these restrictions provides improved function for VSE/Power customers. Some of these features match support only available with JES2 (Additional information).
  • AFP print support Using SPRI with AFP printers takes the guesswork out of printing. SPRI and AFP printing allows you to:
    • Drive your printers at their full rated speed
    • Get accurate AFP page counts
    • Segment and print large reports on multiple printers
    • Direct reports to multiple end points
    • Bundle AFP reports without additional software
  • Report distribution Report distribution and handling is greatly simplified with SPRI. There is no need for additional software packages. Using SPRI you can extend your current services. For example:
    • Bundle reports using one or more criteria
    • Split reports for simplified handling
    • Restart reports from a specific page or use other criteria
    • Distribute report(s) to multiple locations
    • Print directly to tape (microfiche input, etc.) or disk
  • Simplified operations With SPRI, there is no need to retrain your operational staff. SPRI supports the current POWER command structure in addition to adding the functionality of enhanced SPRI commands.
    • Start printers using route codes, one or more classes or multiple other criteria
    • Dynamically change retention periods
    • Delete entries using one or more report characteristics
    • Display full report characteristics
    • Restart reports from any line, page or specified text

What's New

See what is new in SPRI Release 3.8.


  • VSE
  • MVT