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SPRI SNA/RJE Enhancements Available with SPRI Release 3.7

Software Pursuits has enhanced its SNA/RJE support for VSE in order to provide features not available with VSE/Power alone. Relief of these restrictions and provides improved function for VSE/Power customers. Some of these features match support only available with JES2.
  • SPRI provides SNA/RJE device support comparable with the support provided by JES2. Up to eight concurrently connected sessions are available between a workstation and SPRI. The workstation can concurrently start or activate one console, four readers, seven printers and four punch devices. A maximum of eight output devices may be selected or activated at any one time. The number of sessions connected does not limit the number of active devices.

  • Output devices can be started to receive reports using SPRI's extensive selection criteria. In addition to CLASS, report characteristics such as FORM name, CUSTOMER name, REPORT name, and CREATE dates can be used to select reports. The received output can be directed to the appropriate SPOOL queue or output devices using workstation software such as that provided by the BARR/RJE product.

  • Combining SPRI's support for large reader record sizes with SPRI's reader DSN feature makes the SPRI's reader a queue a perfect staging area for input to batch applications.

  • Workstations may transmit direct to SPRI's print and punch queues with large record sizes.

  • SPRI supports transparent printer transmissions suitable for Xerox printer support.

  • Support for any RUSIZE for input and output improves transport performance.

  • Workstation name from one to eight characters allows a virtually unlimited number to be defined.

  • Improved Display and Control commands give operations better control of the environment.

  • SPRI Authorization controls provide output selection security.

SPRI can be installed to run along side VSE/Power acting as a SNA/RJE driver or as a replacement for VSE/Power on any VSE/ESA system.

In addition to providing SNA/RJE and NJE support, SPRI Release 3.7 includes an APPC feature connecting the spooler queues to Notes Databases and PC file systems.

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